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Michigan State Police EMHS Training Center TexCom

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The Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division has opened their Training Center TexCom to all Emergency Responders and Emergency Management personnel. This MSP TexCom is not restricted to Michigan as training information gained here may be useful in other States as well. The MSP Training Center provides training in Incident Command, Hazardous [...]

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Michigan Fire Training Network TexCom

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The Michigan Fire Training Network is a project initiated by the Michigan OSHA to develop and implement an online repository of training resources. The TexCom system fulfills this function and much more by allowing the posting of messages including questions relating to training and safety in the fire service. The Michigan Fire Training Network TexCom [...]

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Fire Chiefs – Have you tiered up lately?

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Join the hundreds of Fire Chiefs that have expanded the use of TexCom from their local department and established higher tiers of TexComs. When you belong to multiple TexComs, you only have to login once then you may view the status of the others in the left column and access them with a quick click. [...]


Maximize your communication and management experience beyond your primary organization or Fire Department

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We have had overwhelming positive contact from Users that belong to multiple organizations using the TexCom system. We wanted to pass on information so that their enthusiasm may be realized by each of our thousands of Users in the Country. If you participate in any organization with an emergency support theme, don’t hesitate establishing a [...]