Now Respond to TexCom Initiated Text Messages

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Now if you receive a text message from TexCom, you can respond and it will go to the user that sent it!

In the past cell phone service providers didn’t handle text messages sent by email very well. More specifically, they didn’t know how to handle it if you responded to that message and “filed it” into the cyber garbage can. We have noticed recently that cell phone providers have set up processes to allow for this. So the TexCom team made some minor updates to how it sends messages and it now works with most cell phone providers we have tested.

Please note that when you reply, it will be going directly to the user’s email or mobile device depending on what they selected when they sent it from TexCom. It will no longer be going through TexCom.

The message may still arrive from a series of numbers as you can see in the example here. This is why we put the name of the person at the beginning of the text. If you continue to text back and forth your message may get categorized into another thread as it will then be coming from the original user’s email or mobile device.

Enjoy! …and we assume your conversations are similar to ours! :)