Michigan State Police EMHS Training Center TexCom

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The Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division has opened their Training Center TexCom to all Emergency Responders and Emergency Management personnel. This MSP TexCom is not restricted to Michigan as training information gained here may be useful in other States as well.

The MSP Training Center provides training in Incident Command, Hazardous Materials Response and Mitigation, Emergency Management and many other aspects of Public Safety. This MSP TexCom will be a communication hub to provide information about classes and house training resources. Users will also be able to post questions regarding training which will allow a flow of comments and create a beneficial dialogue.

Current TexCom Users may join by logging in, and at the bottom of the left column, click My Profile > Membership > Add New Organization. Enter the Access Code, 227524. Once you are approved, the MSP TexCom will show in the upper left column and a simple click will take you there.

Users new to TexCom would go to www.TexCom.com and click New User Signup and use the Access Code, 227524.