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TexCom Testimonials

The TexCom system is an absolutely outstanding way to instantly and consistently communicate with the diversity of our organization and the other five organizations that I belong to.

In reality, I started to use TexCom before I arrived in Oshtemo. Once I had accepted the position, I needed to finish a few projects with my Wisconsin employer so my start date was about a month out.  Because of the mobility of TexCom, my account was easily and immediately established so that I could begin integration with my new department.  It gave me a clear head start on the issues
and happenings of Oshtemo so that I could hit the ground running.

Mark Barnes, Fire Chief
Oshtemo Township Fire Department, Michigan

It is hard to put into words exactly all the advantages TexCom has brought to our Department. It has truly assisted our Department in our daily communications. I find that we are more accountable as individuals when we need to retrieve certain information from each other and for certain projects. It has really helped streamline the process of gathering everyoneís input for certain ideas and allowed us to clarify some of those certain unwritten rules. We Love it, keep the updates coming!

Chad Tackett, Fire Chief
Otsego Fire Department, Michigan

You are providing a great product and it is nice to see new features being added. One of the challenges of being a Chief in a volunteer fire department is keeping your members and officers well informed. TexCom solves this problem with a user interface anyone can use.

Ryan King, Fire Chief
Eastport Fire Department, New York

Thank you for your continued development of TexCom. The latest round of upgrades is very appreciated, especially the Repeat feature for the calendar events. It has made it easier to schedule regular meetings and training's. TexCom continues to be an excellent resource for my department, and your ability to provide this service for free is truly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Keith Tampa Fire Chief
Elmwood Twp Fire and Rescue Department, Michigan

I believe it is a wonderful tool to assist just about any kind of agency, not just emergency services. I believe Emergency Service should be the forefront of the system, but it could be useful to many others. We are just getting all our personnel used to logging in and checking it, but our main purpose is the paging and email. However we are using it more than ever for posting out of service notices, training updates, drills and meeting schedules and other postings. The system has helped our department combine a whole bunch of other systems or programs into one easy to use tool. We can go to one place for everything. It is also nice that our Chief Officers can log in from just about any computer connection and make updates or send messages. We also are able to log in from our truck mounted lap top and do the same if needed which is a great asset during peak dispatch times and storm modes. I can't thank you enough for creating this software that is easy to use and helps tremendously.

Shawn Snyder - Fire Chief
Penn Hills #221 VFD
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

As with any fire department, communications is critical, and sometimes seemingly impossible... We have the ability to check and add events from home, as well as at shift change each morning. It has changed the way our entire department communicates with each other... Every time I have a question, comment or suggestion the support team at TexCom has answered or corrected the issue very quickly. If the issue was my problem, they always offered a suggestion on how to better use the system and its functions... I use TexCom daily to communicate with staff as well as other county or regional departments or teams.

I’m aware of many Chiefs in other parts of the State that are very happy and use it daily as well... Once we implemented TexCom, I used less paper memos and am now able to notify my department of training dates, out of service equipment and other events much quicker and more efficiently. TexCom has saved me many hours in the last year distributing memos and making phone calls. Environmentally it has also probably saved a few trees.

Scott Hopkins, Deputy Fire Chief
Sturgis, Michigan
Executive Board, Western Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs

TexCom has given our firefighters a great communication resource. It has allowed me to reach all my people quickly and pass on needed information... It lets me communicate with people I don’t see very often. We are also able to share ideas between other agencies using TexCom including our County HazMat Team, County Fire Chiefs, and Western Michigan Fire Chief Assoc.

Walter Culver, Fire Chief
Comstock Twp., Michigan
Chairman, Kal. HazMat Executive Board
Executive Board, Western Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs
Past President Kal. Co. Fire Chiefs

TexCom is our department's most effective communication method. We have found that TexCom has streamlined the communication across all levels or out department allowing simple access for every person on the roster.

We now have instantaneous communication and full understanding the moment the message is posted, and if needed, sent through mobile paging at the click of a button. The most efficient communication tool I have used and one that is continually evolving to provide more capability.

Mike Corfman, Chief
Texas Twp. Fire & Rescue, Michigan

TexCom has revolutionized how we communicate on a day-to-day basis. Department members are much more informed about what is going on within the department and planning events has never been easier.

TexCom lets everyone be on the same page and allows people to stay on top of things even if they haven't been around the station for a few days.

Chip Everett, Lieutenant
Oshtemo Twp. Fire Department, Michigan

TexCom has helped move our department a step forward by improving communications. We now have several avenues to communicate with one online tool that is easy to use.

TexCom has made life easier to notify personnel of changes, started forums on topics, sparked interest in helping with training, and briefed personnel on the goals of upcoming trainings.

Lt. Matt Beauchamp
Comstock Fire Department, Michigan

TexCom is one of the greatest tools our department uses! I can't believe how much it has improved communications both on and off the fire ground.

As a dispatcher I find I use this tool as an everyday essential for communicating with the department

Theresa Paddock, Dispatcher
Oshtemo Twp. Fire Department, Michigan

I regularly use TexCom to plan firefighter fitness, community service, additional trainings, and social events.

I have found it to be essential to our department and it has given us the ability to communicate inter-departmentally without phone calls, meetings, and emails. Now that we have it, I wouldn't like any other way.

Matt Carlson, Firefighter
Oshtemo Twp. Fire Department, Michigan

TexCom has made inter-department communication very easy. Because of this program I feel we are a better place for it.

Without TexCom we would not know each other as well, wouldn't know about events, etc. Now we do our memos, event notifications, and schedules all on TexCom.

Grant Gelling, Firefighter
Oshtemo Twp. Fire Department, Michigan


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