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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to access TexCom outside of my Organization's location?

Absolutely! TexCom may be accessed from any Internet connection throughout the world.

We are proud to say that Users informed us that they have accessed their TexCom from Iraq while on Military Deployment and during a trip to China.

Do we need an in-house computer person for maintenance of TexCom?

All maintenance, updates, and enhancements are done by the TexCom Support Team.

Do we need our own servers?

No, all you need is access to the Internet. We house and maintain the system in our managed data center.

How much computer knowledge do I need to use this system?

Users will need to know how to access the Internet and our Website.

Other than that, it's as simple as point and click and some keystrokes if they want to post, or respond to a message. Thousands of hours of development and use over the past five years have produced an extremely user-friendly system.

Organizations have had individuals with no computer experience learn to use TexCom in a matter of minutes.

How will users access TexCom if they don't have a computer at home?

Many Organizations will allow access at their location.

Other Users have found that access is available at work, public institutions such as libraries, or at a relative or friends home. Once they realize the value of TexCom, they become very resourceful at finding Internet access.

If I belong to more than one TexCom Organization will login be time consuming?


Individuals that belong to more than one TexCom have added new organizations through their primary TexCom. This enables them to house all of their TexCom organizations under one common login.

Added Organizations will appear on their homepage which allows quick access to all of them.

May I belong to more than one TexCom? I belong to a few Emergency Response Organizations and see a benefit of having TexCom used in all of them.

Yes you may.

There are many TexCom Users that belong to multiple TexComs. There are industrious Users that belong to TexCom Organizations for their Fire Department, HazMat Team, Urban Search and Rescue Team, Incident Management Team, and possibly many others.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is enthusiasm and Internet access.

Simply fill out the Organization Signup where you will start your Organization with TexCom. Usually within a few hours you can start taking advantage of TexCom.

Who is TexCom?

TexCom was established by two Fire Officers that have over 28 years of experience on a Fire/Rescue Department.

Combined with their 35 years of experience in Corporate Information Technology and Corporate Administration, they were able to network a pool of specialized individuals to create and enhance TexCom.

Why is it free?

The TexCom business plan was born from the desire to offer an excellent communication and management core to the entire spectrum of Emergency Response Organizations.

Knowing that many smaller and volunteer organizations are not able to budget funds to support such an advanced system, the Corporate Team decided to formulate a plan that would enable all to participate.

Through quality advertising, sponsorship, and nationwide user participation, the Corporate Team forecasts an on-going free service.


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