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I Forgot My Password

I Forgot My User Name

I forgot my password
If you forgot your password, select the Login Help link at the bottom of the login box and select I forgot my password. Once you enter your user name, you will be emailed a temporary password to your email address on file that you can use to login.

I forgot my user name
If you forgot your user name, select the Login Help link at the bottom of the login box and select I forgot my user name. Once you enter your email address on file, your user name will be emailed to you.

My e-mail address has changed
If you changed your e-mail and no longer have access to the e-mail address that you had registered with TexCom, you may request from the Admin in your Organization an update to the system. They will go to Admin > Manage Users, and then Edit your information to add your current e-mail address. Once they do so, you may return to Login Now and then Login Help.

I didnít receive a login help e-mail
The most common reason that you did not receive your requested information is that your e-mail system has filtered out our response as spam. Check your spam/junk mail folder to see if our e-mail had been diverted. If you have your e-mail automatically forwarded, be sure to also check the spam folder in your main e-mail account. If you have changed your email and no longer have access to your old email account, see my e-mail changed.

Additional action for login issues
If you continue to have login issues after you tried our other suggestions, especially if you are having difficulty on a specific computer, try the following. A maintenance item that you will want to conduct is deleting cache/browsing history. In your web browser, select Tools then Internet Options. Deleting the Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History will remove possible conflicts, improve efficiency, and should resolve your login issues.

Can I use the same user name for multiple organizations?
Yes, you can use the same user name for each organization you belong to that utilizes TexCom. Once logged in, you can add an organization by going to My Profile->Membership. Select the Add Organization link and fill in the access code. Once an admin of this new organization approves you as a user you will see it listed on the top left menu bar when you log in. If you have already created separate accounts, please contact us and we can assist in merging the accounts.


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