How To: Firefighter Shift Scheduling – Part 5

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This is the fifth (and last) part of a multi-part blog post on setting up shift scheduling in TexCom. (Part 1 can be found here)

In this post we will cover how to setup shift changes which allow for making individual changes such as sick time, vacation time, and trade shifts.


Defining the Shift Change Types

The first thing we need to do is to define our Shift Change Types. These are the types of changes you want to allow such as sick time, vacation time and trade shifts. To set these up, select the Shift Changes link in the admin area, then select Change Types. To create a new change type, select Add Change Type. Here you can specify the name of the change and specify the colors as this change will show on the calendar. This is useful if you want to distinguish one change type from another on the calendar.

Continue to add change types until you have each type that your department utilizes.

Creating a Shift Change

In our previous post we covered the General Settings of a shift. Under these settings is an option to turn on a Shift Changes link in Zones. With this setting on, anyone can go in and create a shift change. You can restrict access to this Shift Change Zone by going to the Zones area in admin and updating the user settings.

When making a shift change, select the user, the change type and time for the change. If the user is an admin then they have the ability to select a user, otherwise non admins can only create shift changes for themselves. Then, there are three types of changes allowed in TexCom to choose from.

  • Trade – Allows two users to trade time. Must specify the original time and the replacement time.
  • Replacement Only – Places a new user in place of an existing user with no need to trade time.
  • No Replacement – Removes the original user but does not replace this user.

After creating a shift change you can view it on the Shift Calendar. Notice it shows the original user and the replacement user times. You can also select the change to view details about this change.

This completes our How To on Shift Scheduling in TexCom. We hope you enjoyed reading and learned some easy steps for setting up your shift. Feel free to set up one of your own shifts and comment below if you have any questions.

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