TexCom Infrastructure Improvements!

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Over the next few months we will be working to improve your TexCom experience by updating our server hosting infrastructure. This should create a quicker user experience for you and allow us to expand our user base even more!

Please take note of these changes that may affect you:

  • All emails that are generated by TexCom will originate from Alert@TexCom.com. This has been the case for daily alerts and reminder alerts but will also start to take affect for any email that is sent by an individual of your organization. Within the email we will inform you of who sent it and you will still be able to simply reply to the email to contact them directly.
  • If we send an email to you and it bounces back to us as undeliverable we will remove this email from our system. In most causes this means that the email address is no longer valid. If your email provider bounces it due to technical issues on their end you will need to contact us to reinstate the email address. This is all being done to ensure our email sending process maintains a good reputation to prevent TexCom emails from being treated as spam.
  • If your organization’s network has restricted Internet access and they have given TexCom exclusive rights by utilizing our IP address this will need to be updated. Please contact us to obtain our new IP address.

The Technical Details

We are migrating our hosting services to Amazon Web Services. This will allow us to better handle our increasing demand, enhance our security and encryption processes and bring new services to TexCom in the future.

~Your TexCom Support Team