Algoma Township Fire Department Burn Permits

Fill out the form below to obtain a burn permit or call our office at (616) 866-1583 for assistance.

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You must be able to abide by the following rules:

  1. A burning permit must be obtained for all open burning in Algoma Townshipexcept for a domestic, recreational fire no larger than 3'x3'x3'.  Burning permits may only be issued for brush, leaves, and other yard waste.  Burning of any other material is forbidden under EPA regulations.
  1. All open burning must be attended at all times by a person at least 18 years ofage.  Reasonable precautions must be taken to prevent the escape of fire.
  1. All burning must be:
    1. 200 feet from any building located outside any property line
    2. 100 feet from any right of way line or property line
    3. 50 feet from any structure
  1. No burning shall be permitted at any time or in any location which would be a nuisance, hazard, or annoyance to persons or property by reason of heat, flame, fly ash, sparks, smoke or odor.
  1. Any permit issued may be revoked if conditions are such that burning may not be done safely.
  1. This permit does not supersede any other law, ordinance, or rule which further restricts or prohibits the seeing of fire.
  1. The permit shall be posted at or on the site at all times during the burning authorized by the permit.
  1. Open burning shall be permitted only during daylight hours or during such other time periods as may be specifically authorized by the Township Fire Chief. No fire shall be set after the expiration of a permit and no fire shall be set at a time when a high wind is blowing.  An adequate fire line shall be made around the area to be burned and a force of persons sufficient to control the fire shall be on hand at the time of burning. 
  1. The permitted shall be liable for all damage to property which may result from burning done under this permit.

If you have any questions, call (616) 866-1583.