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Case Studies

Your monthly training is coming up and you would like to know how many of your members will be attending. Since the training location is a long distance for some you don't want to show up and find only two people in attendance.

Before TexCom, you would have to call everybody to ask if they were coming.

Once TexCom is implemented, all you need to do is post an event for this training several weeks ahead of time and then your members can signup if they will be attending. So all you need to do is view this message in TexCom and you will now see how many people will be attending and maybe even some carpooling options.

You have just received a phone call that your team will be needed for standby at a previously unplanned event.

Before TexCom, you would have to start calling individuals...one by one to let them know and see if they can attend. A busy day of phone tag is ahead.

If you have TexCom, all you do is post this as an event, send an alert, and instantly everyone will know about this event tomorrow. Then interested members can log into TexCom and select the Signup option for this event. When you view the message on TexCom later that day, you can see that 10 people have signed up for it and there is nothing else you need to do. Perfect!

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