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Case Studies

Due to road construction, a major road will be closed for all traffic. You need all your personnel to be aware so not to waste time in responses.

Before TexCom, you would try to catch everybody as they start their shift. But with all of your personnel started at different times, it is hard to know if everybody knows.

With TexCom, simply post a road closure message and send an instant text message alert to their mobile devices. A message like this automatically shows in the Info Zone, every time someone logs in so are reminded each time.

You have just been made aware of some information that you need to pass on to all of your current on duty personnel as soon as possible. Doing this over the radio communications would not be appropriate.

Before TexCom, you would start a phone tree of cell phone calls to get everyone informed.

With TexCom, simply send a text message to the group of people that are currently on duty. Now everybody knows instantly saving you time and money.

The local hospital has a new policy that they would like your ambulance personnel to use when arriving at the hospital.

Before TexCom, you would start telling some of your personnel as well as post it on the notice board. But this process takes time and you really aren't sure if everybody knows about it within a reasonable time period.

If you were using TexCom, all you need to do is post a message with read verification and attach the new policy. When your personnel read the message at the start of their next shift, they are asked to electronically sign that they have read and understand the message. You can then print the message and the proof of their acknowledgement for your records.

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